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Your success is our priority

Our community is what sets us apart.

It doesn’t matter about your current level of fitness, or even if you’ve never visited a gym before.

Our expert team love to work with everyone, whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or transformed mindset, there’s no need to be self-conscious about walking into our private facility. Get the results you want in a place you’ll love coming back to.

Reaching and sustaining success: that’s what The PT Centre is all about. Book a free discovery call to find out what you’re capable of.


The whole team are passionate about your health and happiness. We work closely with our clients, providing them with unwavering support to build a lifestyle that transforms their body, happiness and mindset. Time and again, we are blown away by what our clients accomplish.


I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over a decade, helping people achieve life changing results is something that brings me the most amount of happiness. 

The PT Centre was set up to create life changing results that leave you feeling complete and happy with your body and mindset. The team and I have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that’s unlike any other gym. We want all our clients to feel at home so that they enjoy working through the process towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

My aim is to inspire, motivate and educate you towards achieving your goals. We will provide you with the very best training, nutritional coaching and world class resources to ensure that you achieve your dream result and learn how to sustain that result for life.

We provide the upmost value, care and support to all of our clients. We are here to help you improve, regardless whether or not you have ever visited a gym before.

Cy Gregory

Working with you 1:1 to help you become the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of yourself

Billy Butler

I’ll support, educate and guide you to successful results 

The objective with my coaching is simple. I want you to understand what you can be capable of when pushed out of your comfort zone. I will coach you into building the body & mind you have always dreamt of and I can guarantee you that the results you will get will far outweigh your expectations & you will never go back to old ways.

I will support, educate & guide you into achieving your desired goals & constantly take steps forward to keep improving. Your goals become mine, so you can be confident that I will never give up on you and never let you give up yourself.

Let me help you on the life changing journey you have always dreamt of! That daily mental & physical pain of not looking or feeling the way you want can end today!

Louie Howarth

1:1 and small group coach

Harry Jones

1:1 and small group coach

Dylan Clack

1:1 and small group coach

Change your life and achieve your goals

We provide a wide range of services to suit all levels of ability and help you achieve your goals