As with any other year, many of us will kick off 2024 by making a host of New Year’s resolutions and some of these may be to exercise more; become stronger, fitter, healthier.

Though COVID-19 made 2020 a challenging year for many of us, it also taught us vital lessons about the value of fitness and keeping up with your physical and mental well-being. The pandemic brings with it more awareness to how crucial it is to maintain our health and take care of our immune system – bring on the ‘new year, new me’ optimism.

However, only 12% of us Brits stick to the resolutions that we make. It doesn’t need to be the case for you, as you can be a part our elite support network, setting achievable fitness goals and making the most of the resources available to you.


The bottom line is, consistency inside and outside of the gym will bring more substantial results than periodic bouts of extreme regimes.

Whatever your goals may be, they require a consistent level of effort and maintenance for you to reach them. One way to ensure consistency within the scope of your goals is to build a program tailored to you, centred around your lifestyle and driven by your goals. Programs make it much easier to stay on track because you won’t have to think about what you’re going to do at the gym today, or what you are going to eat today—it’s already written out.

This is exactly our approach at The PT Centre – taking your goals, your lifestyle and creating a routine that will work for you and help you to achieve these goals.

Ways to remain consistent:

  • Track your progress in the gym to help you progress and improve
  • Log your calorie intake to ensure you’re sticking to your nutrition goals
  • Remember that it’s OK to have a blip, it’s a marathon not a sprint


Why is it so hard to get results in a day and age where you can literally download weight loss programs off the internet for free and where you can follow someone’s diet and exercise plan on Instagram post-by-post?

For most of us, it boils down to the fact that we have nobody holding us accountable or that we are unsure of the things we should be counting. Accountability is a key factor in determining the likelihood of success in any endeavour, and especially in our fitness and wellness journeys.

Ways to remain accountable:

  • Make a financial commitment to a personal trainer, gym or nutrition coach
  • Find a support network that you can share your progress with
  • Plan, plan and plan – the more you put into this, the more you will get out

If you adjust your process to focus on consistency and accountability over short term, drastic change, you’ll get much further along your journey than if you go in all guns blazing without a plan.

For many of us, especially at the beginning of a new year, fitness and lifestyle goals are often created to be too specific or even too unrealistic. You want to weigh something in time for a wedding. Or lift something in time for the summer. You promise to get up every day before work for a new, expensive class. When these goals fall short, we’re wracked with guilt – but not this time, not with our help.

As we move further into 2024, we at The PT Centre vow to be your support network, to guide you through the decisions and processes needed to achieve your goals without the usual guilt and sometimes failure that the ‘New Year Resolution season’ can bring.

Are you ready to make the change?