Choosing your goal in most cases isn’t the challenge. 

In fact, most of us know exactly what we want to achieve. 

The bigger issue if often understanding the reason why you want to achieve it. There are always barriers to success, it’s about understanding your WHY is how to overcome those barriers, especially when motivation is low. 

Do you have a weight loss goal?

Why do you want to lose weight? For a particular event, a holiday, a wedding, a party or for a competition?

Do you have a goal to be fitter and healthier? 

Why do you want to be fitter and healthier? To be able to play with your children? Watch them grow up and you want to live a healthy life with them? 

Why do you want to build muscle? Are you unhappy with the way you look and feel? Are you feeling intimidated? Where does this stem from? 

Understand your why!

Sticking to your goal is a big factor to consider. We must create solutions for the potential barriers that arise. Prior to your journey, factor in those potential barriers to success and create solutions ahead of time. 

In many cases circumstances will come up that you cant plan for and you might have to change routine or go off plan and that’s okay. But being prepared will always help in this situation. 

Have a clear plan of action, understand the route on your journey. Understand what steps need to be taken to get you close to your goal. Having a structured plan to follow will help prevent procrastination and will help you stay focussed on the task at hand. 

Track progress! There are many ways to track progress and this all depends on your specific goal and it depends on you as an individual. 

What ever way you track progress, make sure you have an idea on what progress you’re making. 

Be accountable to yourself and to others, make sure others know about what you’re doing. Be accountable to daily improvement, be accountable to becoming better. 

Motivation is a huge consideration when looking to achieve your goal. How to we stay motivated? 


Take action! Taking action everyday!

Break down your goal into small achievable daily tasks, it’s these daily tasks we need to take consistent action on that get us closer to our big goal. 

Taking action means progress. Win or fail, it doesn’t matter, its about making steps, making progress towards improving ourselves. 

Failure is just an opportunity to learn, but if you take action then you will always be moving closer towards your goal. 

Be grateful and celebrate the small wins, it’s extremely important to celebrate the journey, celebrate the small victories, being grateful for the opportunity to progress and develop ourselves. 

Far too many people don’t give themselves credit or celebrate the small wins they achieve along the way and start to get caught up in the rat race.

Take a moment, reflect on the journey, reflect on what’s gone well, what you could improve on, but most importantly don’t forget how far you’ve come.