When you stand on the scales, the figure you see on the scale will not be a direct result of what you’ve done so far.

The figure you see on the scale does change and fluctuate. It does this for so many different reasons: time of the day, food intake, water retention and hormones to name just a few. (This is why, if you do weigh yourself, you should take a 7-day average to get a better idea of your progress.)

You can achieve weight loss without constantly looking at the figure on the scales. Here’s how.

Four tips for losing weight

  1. Be aware. If your goal is to lose weight, start by writing down everything you eat so you get an idea about the amount of food you consume. This doesn’t have to be forever, just for a couple of weeks, to get an idea about what you consume and when.
  2. Be active. Start becoming more active. Do more exercise you actually enjoy.
  3. Be sustainable. Set yourself sustainable weekly targets to hit. Sustainable means that if you were to fast forward 12 months, you would still be able to do it.
  4. Be consistent. There is no point trying to complete 5-6 training sessions each week if realistically you can only consistently do 3.

For most people, the hardest part is to be consistent. People constantly set targets that are too big, fail to achieve them, and stop all together. This same process gets repeated over and over again.

Follow a process you know can be achieved, and progress from there. If you follow the process towards achieving your weight loss goal, you won’t need to use the scales.

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