2023 is here and we’re seeing resolution announcements all over social media, resolutions that many are hoping they can carry on throughout the year but while the intention is great, so many of these good intentions don’t make it past January. Sticking to new habits is hard. 

So many resolutions involve a healthier diet, better relationships with our food and more visits to the gym – and so many of us experience a surge of motivation after the festive period, but maintaining that motivation isn’t easy! 

But don’t worry, if you’re starting to see that motivation flag and the idea of quitting seep in, we’ve got some top tips to help you stay on track. 

  • Don’t run on an empty tank! 

It can be tempting to get quick results by dramatically dropping your calorie intake but this is never advisable! And in doing so, the quick results you will see will offset completely when you lapse back into your old ways. Research shows that eating too little and working out too much can actually lower your metabolism – not good! 

Instead, take it slow, think about the types of food you eating and how much nutrition you’re giving your body rather than the quantity. Make sure to get lots of fibre and healthy fats to satisfy your cravings and give you the energy to complete your day. 

  • Routine, routine, routine 

Good habits start with a routine. Set aside a specific time in your schedule and make sure to stick to it and if plans get in the way – as they usually do, still try to fit that workout in another time so you don’t lose results and motivation altogether. The better you are at fitting exercise into your daily routine the more likely you’ll stay on the waggon. 

  • Find a workout partner 

Working in groups or as a team yields better results. Having someone to accompany you on your journey can help to keep you accountable and motivated. Research shows that you’re more likely to keep to a training plan if you’re working out with a pal. 

  • Find a personal trainer 

The gym can be daunting, especially with all the huge fitness equipment many users are too frightened to try because they don’t know how to use them. If you get a sense of fear when you step into a gym or you’re someone who struggles to stick to a training plan – our best advice is to speak with a personal trainer. PTs are there to help keep you on track, get you results and introduce you to new workouts and equipment and ultimately help you to find the gym a more enjoyable place to be. 

  • Workout fatigue 

Try something new! Workouts can very quickly become stagnant and boring. Maybe, you’ve never really enjoyed exercising, but before you give up change it up. Working out doesn’t have to just be lifting weights or going for a run. You want to look forward to exercising because it helps you to feel better both physically and emotionally. 

So try mixing up your routine, try working out with a friend or speak with a PT to spruce up your training plans and get excited about exercising. 

The more you start doing activities you like, eat the right foods to give you energy and carve out time in your plan to keep to your fitness goals, the likelihood of succeeding will be ten-fold.