We all know the key to a balanced lifestyle is everything in moderation, but when moderation feels like a forced way of life then it can lead to more than one fall from the wagon. But, what if you change your mindset from “I have to do this” to “I choose to do this.” Just that simple change in terminology can make a huge difference to not only your mindset, but also your end goals.

Life can often leave us feeling like we are on a forced path, but are we really? How much choice goes into what you do on a daily basis? It will always be more than you think and it all comes down to your mental attitude and how you choose to perceive the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

For example, we have all felt the dread after a long day when we know we should go to the gym; but what if instead of thinking, I have to go to the gym, you flip your mindset and instead focus on the fact that you choose to go to the gym, so that you can train your mind and body to be stronger. This type of mindset change opens up so much more opportunity and positive energy towards the goals you have set for yourself.

And this leads us on to the gym itself – we truly believe that our gym (and all places of exercise!) is a place where people of all sizes, sexes, races and religions are motivated to exercise for benefits beyond aesthetics. A place where you can feel at home, where you can accomplish your goals and importantly, chose to visit.

The same goes for when it comes to your mindset – if you are feeling less motivated, do you stop? Or do you make a choice to do something about it? To speak to someone, to climb out of that rut. You’re really fortunate that you’ve got an opportunity to make friends, create a really supportive network of like-minded people through a fantastic coaching program. So, if you ever have anything on your mind that’s getting you down, you can make a choice and speak to us about it.

Many people think it’s really important to have a mentor, a counsellor or someone you can go to who’s impartial and can give an objective opinion on your life. The point here is, you’re making a conscious choice to speak to someone, you don’t have to, but it’s your route to a happier you, if you do. Energy in, energy out.

And let’s not forget that the energy we put into something we choose to do far outweighs the energy that goes into something that we feel we have to do. So whether it’s attending that PT session, counting your calories or taking the time to properly rest and recuperate, the energy you pile into the things you choose to do will always be greater than the things you feel you have to do. This not only opens the door for a greater chance of success, but it makes you feel good, and we all know just how good those endorphins feel after you’ve smashed a workout or seen the scales drop those last few pounds you’ve been battling.