The coronavirus crisis has sparked a massive outpouring of true community spirit and generous positivity as the community pulls together to help those in need. Now is the time that we need to support one another, offer help to those who need it, to keep each other smiling, to spread a positive mental attitude. This is a truly powerful tool.

If it’s one thing that this country needs right now it’s to pull together and remain strong – as a community, creating support networks and offering your help to those around you. We’ve seen it throughout the country already – despite uncertainty and warnings about social distancing, people across the nation have been rushing to offer their help to total strangers.

As more countries take extreme measures to deal with the outbreak of the pandemic, people around the world have been finding novel ways of helping one another and lifting each other’s spirits. From singing opera on balconies or playing table tennis through a window to challenging one another to do 10 burpees – the opportunities to do good are everywhere.

At The PT Centre, the amount of positivity we’re seeing right now is incredible. People coming together to support and encourage one another to stay motivated has gone up another level. We’ve started a private Facebook support group to help others who are looking for continued support and motivation through this difficult time.

The group is to provide training advice, nutrition advice and lots of fun stuff too! So, if you’re looking to help others, stay focussed, find some exercise motivation or even find something new to keep you occupied during this time – check it out here.

So how can you help?

That one is simple – you can stay at home and follow Government guidelines wherever possible. Beyond this, you can play your part to support those around you. Talk to people online, share something that’s helped you, demonstrate an exercise that you love to do at home, share a cooking recipe that others can try… The possibilities to help are everywhere.

If want more support with your health and fitness journey, head to our private support group and join in with the fun.

Beyond all of this, it’s important to remember – it is often said that in the worst of times you see the best in people and this unprecedented time is no different. Each day we read online or see on the news how ordinary people are going to extraordinary lengths to help complete strangers.

Let’s carry this mindset into every area of our lives and see the good we can make.