weight loss

  • Want to feel better in the way you look in the mirror?
  • Want to drop a dress size?
  • Want to fit into better fitting clothes?
  • Want to feel more energised?
  • Want to be healthier?

I have the number one thing you need for you to achieve all of this!!

Track calories > Lose weight

Yes, there any many other things that are essential and will help you to become healthier long term, for example;

  • Getting enough protein in your diet,
  • Getting a minimum amount of fat intake,
  • Getting adequate fibre intake,
  • Getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet,



Once you get control over calorie intake then you can start to think about paying more attention to the other variables which will help you become healthier.

How many calories do I need to consume?

Bodyweight x 22 (female) x Daily activity level 

Bodyweight x 24 (male) x Daily activity level 

Daily activity:

Sedentary x 1.2

Lightly active x 1.4

Moderately active x 1.6

Very active 1.8 – 2.0

Then create a 300-500 calorie deficit from there based upon the individuals lifestyle and preferences.

Example: 80kg female moderately active 

80 x 22 = 1,760 x 1.6 = 2,816 – 500kcal deficit = 2,316kcal per day

This is not going to be entirely accurate but its a very good place to start.

Then, track your intake and track your progress;

  • Bodyweight,
  • Circumference measurements,
  • Photos.

Then adjust accordingly based on results and individuals circumstances.

Calories are the number one priority in losing weight and making the initial steps to achieving an improved physique and becoming healthier, being self aware and understanding how many calories you consume is a huge step to achieving successful results.

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