There are many facets of health, psychological health, physiological health, social health, environmental health. Some are more difficult to manage, others possibly easier depending on many factors.

Its important to understand what areas of health you are wanting to make changes to and prioritise whats most important.

If your physiological health goal is to lose weight then the number one priority is Calories.

You may think you’re doing the right things to become healthier, but healthy doesn’t always equal weight loss.

Here are 10 reasons you’re not losing weight:

  1. You consume too many Calories

  2. You unknowingly eat foods and don’t account for them

  3. You don’t consume a lot of food, but the food you do consume contain a lot of Calories

  4. You consume very little food throughout the week and then over consume hugely on the weekend

  5. You cook with spoonfuls of coconut oil, this still contains Calories.

  6. You don’t drink enough water and mistake hunger for thirst.

  7. You aren’t aware about the amount of Calories that are in the foods you eat

  8. You drink your Calories… fruit juices, alcohol and fizzy drinks all contain lots of Calories, be smarter and choose lower Calorie options.

  9. You cut out all the carbohydrates (which contain Calories), only to over consume them 2 days later, leading to increase in Calories.

  10. You consume a diet high in fats. Fish, avocado, eggs, nuts, oils. Fats contain 7kcal per gram. Just be aware of this, portion sizes of fats can be an easy way to reduce Calories without dramatically changing your diet.


Thats right, the over consumption of calories is the reason you’re not losing weight.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the consumption of calories is higher than it should be. Yes, exercise will play a huge part in burning calories but if we are not aware of the energy going in, then we risk not getting the results we work hard for.

In order to lose body fat, we must ensure we create a negative energy deficit. We must consume less calories than we burn.

This doesn’t mean dramatically changing our current way of eating, just creating some awareness about the foods we currently consume and how many calories they contain.

Once we start making progress in weight loss, you will start to see improvements in other facets of health, psychological health will improve with improved confidence and self esteem and social health will improve as you’ll be more comfortable with going out for food and drink with your friends.

Focus on what’s most important to you.

If weight loss is what you want to achieve. Focus on your current Calorie intake.