Anyone who wants to lose weight will look at multiple diets. These might be from searching online, social media, recommendations by a friend or family member, one they simply take a liking to or one they’ve done before.

They’ll choose the diet which they feel best fits into their lifestyle, or the one they feel they can ‘stick’ to the easiest.

Lets get one thing straight: every weight loss diet is simply a calorie-restricted plan.

If you don’t lose weight, you are either not burning enough calories or you are still consuming too many calories.

What happens when you stop the diet? Do you go back to eating the way you did before? Do you slip back into old habits? Do you then start back on the diet again, and again, and again?

Does this happen to you?

Lose weight without dieting

Here’s a better way.

  1. Track your scale weight every morning when you wake up (after you’ve been to the toilet).
  2. Take the average of the 7 days.
  3. Start tracking your current food intake on a daily basis using an app like My Fitness Pal
  4. Keep track of your calorie intake each day, and again total up for the 7 days.

If your weight is the same or has gone up, you need to either

Increase your output (exercise to burn more calories), or

Decrease calories (only by 100-300kcal per day)

We strongly recommend you try in that order, and not at the same time!

Do this process until you start to lose weight (between 1-3lbs week), then be consistent.

Energy balance is the number one most important factor in weight loss and fat loss.If you’re not in a calorie deficit, you will not be losing weight. It doesn’t matter how ‘clean’ your diet is.

Without dramatically changing your ‘diet’ you can start losing weight just by controlling your calorie intake. It’s that simple.

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Here’s how we recommend you use My Fitness Pal: