Ten steps to abdominal success

No number of crunches or leg raises will ever get you the visible abs you’re looking for unless we focus our attention to overall fat loss. Get more information relating to tragamonedas 3d gratis.
You cannot spot reduce fat loss. This means we can’t lose body fat from a specific area. Genetically we will all hold body fat in different areas and we will all lose fat in different areas. What this means is, we have to focus on reducing our overall body fat percentage to allow us to visibly see the musculature, especially the abdominals.

Focus your attention on reducing body fat!

Here are 10 tips to achieving the visible abs you want.

1) You MUST be in a calorie deficit, reduce anywhere between 200-500kcal from your maintenance (number of calories to maintain bodyweight)
2) Majority of foods from whole single ingredients, meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruits, whole-grains.
3) Try to achieve around 10,000 steps per day
4) Try to exercise 3-4 times per week, preferably weight training (this helps preserve/maintain muscle tissue)
5) Drink around 1L of water per 25kg bodyweight
6) Take about 10% of total daily calories and consume highly palatable foods (foods that you enjoy and you feel taste nice)
This will help with enjoyment and consistency
7) Track either portion size or calories
8) Ensure you’re in a calorie deficit
9) Ensure you’re burining more calories than you consume (calorie deficit)
10) Ensure you’re consuming less calories than you’re burning (calorie deficit)

If you’re not in a calorie deficit, you WILL NOT reduce body fat.

Keep in mind, having abs isn’t all what its cracked up to be, nor is it realistic or sustainable to keep the condition all year round. If you have an event coming up or a holiday and want to reduce body fat and potentially get your abs visible then follow these steps. If not, be realistic in your goal setting and enjoy your training, nutrition and living a good lifestyle.