Its important to remember the reason why diets work.

All diets work! They are a way of restricting calories to create a calorie deficit. The reason they all work for different individuals is due to the individuals lifestyle and personal preference.

Adherence is the number one factor in achieving results, if you can adhere to something for a sustainable period of time then you will achieve results.


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Whether it be training, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, the plan you can adhere to the longest is the most optimal to get you results as an individual.

This can be an issue as to why a lot of people ‘yo yo’ diet and can’t sustain results. It creates negative behaviour towards eating and dieting, creating a negative mentality towards food, thinking of food as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

When we are talking weight loss, we must consider calories as the main priority. By now we understand we need to create a negative energy balance to achieve weight loss. For more in depth details juegos de tragamonedas gratis en 3d. So yes all of these methods will achieve results, but are any of these methods sustainable? If not, then re consider what method you are using.

Start to understand the reasons why diets work, to create a restriction in calories, therefore find the method that works best for you that you can sustain long term.


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Calories in VS Calories out


People will always have a favoured approach to nutrition or training. This is down to them getting results with that approach, it’s not to say there isn’t another way that will work too.

The issue with most diets listed above are that they provide no education behind how it works, or how to keep the weight off once achieved.

At The PT Centre we pride ourselves in helping educate clients through the process of achieving results and more importantly about what to do once they have achieved their goal, the process after, how to sustain those results without regressing.

If we can understand the process of how to maintain weight, maintain the results we have worked so hard for, it prevents us from constant ‘yo yo’ dieting.

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